About us


We develop products for human health and vitality.

Our motivation as delin bionics® developers

Increasing health awareness and the constantly growing demands on us humans in today's industrial societies give health-promoting measures a high priority. We, as delin bionics® developers, were motivated to investigate these phenomena and to find a solution for a wide range of applications because many people in our personal environment are affected by the fate of their relatives and their declining vitality. In doing so, the search for non-medicinal measures was in the foreground for us.

We delin bionics® developers agreed that the key had to lie in nature and studied the processes that can be observed in nature. So we looked at the supply mechanisms of human cells. Every cell emits electromagnetic signals. If the cell is weakened, it can no longer function in the usual way and communicate with its environment. Disturbances arise in the tissues and organs. The microcirculation plays a decisive role here, as it is the connection for supplying the cells with oxygen and nutrients and for the disposal of metabolic waste products.

We delin bionics® developers have found the solution with the delin bionics® reflector patch. This activates the regulatory mechanisms of the microcirculation through self-stimulation of the body's cells. The resulting improved blood circulation increases mental and physical performance and resilience, the immune system is strengthened, regeneration times are shorter and the risk of injury is reduced.

"Our motto: DO.»